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What is a build sheet and where to find the best one

Car enthusiasts love old school vehicles. There was something unique about them. The making was not like it is today, of course. Build sheets are something that takes us back to that time. They were during the vehicle had to be assembled. It was used as a tool to communicate with the workers. What needs […]

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Old School Vs New School: Hot Rod Engine Builds

All car enthusiasts have some kind of an attachment with their cars. They hold sentimental value for which makes them hesitant to sell it all their lives. There is some little thing, which is the cause of someone buying that car. This can be due to the shape, a specific exhaust sound and whatnot. Something, […]

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The Best Tire Brands for lightweight Muscle Cars, Vintage and New Age

Picking the perfect performing tires for your muscle cars depend on what shape and size your vehicle can accept and fit, your car’s strength and capacity. Being in the market of best-performing tires, it is tricky to choose one for your muscle cars. Here, “muscle cars” refer to vehicles with a fit giant engine, vintage […]

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