Old School Vs New School: Hot Rod Engine Builds

All car enthusiasts have some kind of an attachment with their cars. They hold sentimental value for which makes them hesitant to sell it all their lives. There is some little thing, which is the cause of someone buying that car. This can be due to the shape, a specific exhaust sound and whatnot. Something, which holds a special place in the heart of car enthusiast, is its engine. The big question of whether one should keep their old engines or go for newer engines arises. The answer to this question is based on many factors so you cannot decide on the spot.

If you own an engine such as ’63 Impala SS with the super-rare Z11 engine, there is no doubt in the fact that you should keep it as nobody can afford this amazing piece of machinery easily due to its value. Specialized old school engines have their feel and advantages. It is something, which brings the entire machine together, such as the oil pans, steering linkage and brake system continues to run free of any issues. Having an emotional attachment with your cars is also very understandable as it might remind you of a particular person or a specific time in your life. Maybe your dad owned one when he was a youngster or the coolest uncle you know would take you for drives on his cool car. The defining point comes down to the number value of engines such as the Impala engine mentioned above. This brings us to the concept of “Keeping things original” as that is what gives your car its value. A customer can ask you for that to get the same feel and performance from their cars – we can do that for you easily!

When the engine starts losing its value and the “number matching” bandwagon has passed, that is when an enthusiast has to decide to get a new engine for their vehicle. They have an array of options to choose from, and the best choice depends on the machine they are currently using. Ford enthusiasts, for example, go for the new Coyote. It has become a very popular option with time. If you have another machine, then you will have an entire set of different options you have to choose from.

One cannot generalize whether old school engines are better or new ones as all machines have their distinct features – especially engines. We can see that some of the most popular engines, which we would still love to get our hands-on, are not available today. That does not make then any less amazing. As far as new ones go, that entirely depends on your vehicle and your personal preferences. For instance, if you are looking for a particular exhaust sound, you might not be able to find it in new engines. Keeping the points mentioned above in mind, your decision could surely become simpler.